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I'm sorry to tell you that Tess passed away last night. She has been a joy in my and Ladybug's life since the day you brought her to me. She has been doing great. I did routine blood work on her last Tuesday, everything was perfect. She was playing, eating and actively chasing squirrels. She acted perfectly normal all day yesterday. Then, after she ate her dinner she vomited once and started acting a little strange. Of course she was at work with me so Doc examined her and suggested I do an x-ray. It looked a little abnormal so then I did an ultrasound. Her liver was huge. Within minutes after the ultrasound, we prepped her for surgery. When Doc opened her, we saw her liver had ruptured. He repaired the tear in her liver, but had lost so much blood and was in shock. It looked like she had a tumor that ruptured and part of her liver was dead. She was such a tough little girl. She made it through surgery and I brought her home. Unfortunately, she only was able to fight for about 3 hours and passed away. Ladybug was watching over her with me, and when Tess passed away Ladybug went crazy trying to wake her up. It was heart wrenching. Neither of us slept much last night because we all slept together in my bed. Ladybug kept running downstairs looking for her. I want to thank you again for allowing Ladybug and I the gift of knowing and loving Tess. She was such a special girl. She will be missed by many. Tess will be forever in my heart. Take care, Joanne

When I first acquired Tess from you, I wasn't sure how two adult females would respond to each other. I know how special she was to you, and from the moment I met her she was special to me. She fit in with Ladybug like they grew up together. They were different personalities, Ladybug, feisty and outgoing. Tess was laid back and charming. They brought the best out of one another. Tess always acted like she just couldn't ever get close enough, even if she was sitting on my lap or laying next to me in bed. She would have to climb up onto my chest and put her face right against my face and of course give endless kisses. She loved laying on top of my big soft leather couch to nap. She would wake up and casually sneak along the back of the couch, while I was on my laptop, or watching TV , and snuggle her cold little wet nose up against my cheek and in my face, laying her head on my shoulder,not to be ignored. When she felt like she received the adequate amount of love, she would walk along the top of my sectional back to her favorite spot and go back to sleep. All you would have to do is look at Tess and smile, and her little tail would go into a rapid paced wag. Her tail would also go into a frantic wag whenever she caught the scent of a chipmunk or saw a cat or a squirrel . Oh boy, did she love chasing squirrels! One day we had a cat escape at the animal hospital, and the entire staff looked but none of us could find it. I went and put Tess on the floor of the kennel and said, "Tess find the cat ". She located it hiding behind a filing cabinet, her little tail wagging furiously. She had so much love to give, you could feel the love when ever you looked into her eyes. She was a beautiful doxie girl, both physically, and spiritually. She touched many hearts and will remain in mine forever. Take care, Joanne