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I have some really sad news. Coco passed away at Emergency Vet yesterday. She had a seizure sat morning. I gave her medication & she came out of it. Later that day she had a really bad one & we took her to ER Vet. She just kept having one after another. Then around 11:00 Sunday she had another & stopped breathing. This is such a shock. She was perfectly healthy. She had a history of mild seizures due to hypothyroid. She was on thyroid meds. I had her thyroid tested a few months ago & it was ok. She hasn't had a seizure in a couple of years. ER Vet said it was epilepsy. Coco was having cluster seizures. After her first seizure sat morning, I took her out & she went over to Hank. The bonding was just so moving. I don't know if I was in denial or what but I didn't think she would die. I still can't believe it. She was so strong, so full of life. I am totally devastated. I just can't believe this happened so fast.

She was such a loving dog. She wanted to please. Loved her squeaky toys & balls. She would sit right here beside me & bat my hand with her nose if I was typing & not petting her. She was a real "girlfriend".

I affectionately called her Brahma. I would also tease her & say.... I would have named you Sable & she would get all excited & start barking like...that's not my name! She was such a bull. She would be so excited about going out that I would have to calm her down before I opened the door. Coco had such a magnificent personality, almost human. I don't know how anyone could dump her at a shelter after 8 yrs. I remember I was only going to foster. Coco was so traumatized when she got here that she clung to me. That's when I decided she would stay here. I didn't want her to go through any more heartache. I could trust her with my soul. Truly a magnificent dog.

She was 8 when you rescued her. So, she was 11-12? I don't know how this house can seem empty with 10 dogs but it does. I just wish I could take her for one more walk, one more ride in the car, & all the squeaky toys & balls she wanted. I bought a bunch of toys & hid them in the closet & she found them! She went in the bedroom, opened the closet door & proudly came out with a Goose! I just shook my head & laughed.

Thank you for saving her. I was blessed to have her for the 3+ years she was here. I will miss her so much. Coco was just a lovely dog. I hope that story about the Rainbow Bridge is true. Because I want to see them all again.