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This is a happy ending to a sad beginning. Below is her bio that was put up on Petfinder and now, her Forever Home Story.

Shea was born in a puppymill. She was bought by a family and by the time she was 5 months old she lost her home because the people said their kids were too rough with her. She was adopted by a couple and everything was great for her for two years. Unfortunately, the couple broke up and the boyfriend insisted he wanted to keep her. Shea's Mom fought to get her back and after a week, he did return her, but she was a different dog. She is now afraid of strangers and if she feels threatened in her environment, she becomes anxious and may snap, however, she does well with people when introduced slowly. She needs a loving, patient person that can give her the space she needs until she feels safe and comfortable. In her present home, she loves to cuddle, enjoys being outside, chewing on bones and playing with other dogs and cats. She is a very energetic, devoted companion once she gets to know you. She is three years old, weighs 35 lbs., house broken, up to date on all of her shots and spayed. We are looking for a home with fear aggression experience that will give Shea a chance to show you that she is a loving dog that only wants someone to share her life with. With the proper training and patience, she will be your best friend.



Shea is still doing really well! Shea is a very important piece in our family. It wouldn't be right without her :)

I have adopted another dog named Troy and the three dogs run and run in the back yard. She is doing much better with men and strangers and my son Keegan still sneaks her food :) i love her so much, and im so glad to have her as a part of the family!Ill keep in touch


P.S. ill send some pictures too!