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Hi Claudine,

How are you? I hope you are doing well and survived the storm We got about 5" up here, but it is starting to melt. Just thought I would check in and see what was new and to send some pictures of our Princess Maggie and her handsome prince Morgan. They are quite the pair! Spoiled beyond belief!!! She is pure love and joy. We couldn't imagine our lives without her! THey are so cute together. Still have their own independence, but love each other and I will go look for them and they are curled up together on the couch in our sunroom or up on the bed. I even found Maggie curled up in Morgans crate up stairs! They both go in their crates at times- especially down in the kitchen. Maggie has this comfy bed that she curls up in and you can barely tell she is in there. She is rarely ever locked in the crate- we let her stay out with Morgan when we are out, unless it is for more than 4hours, which isn't very often. We are taking a trip the first week in April and am already upset about leaving her!!! I will be crying that morning kissing Morgan and Maggie good bye. We have our pet sitter who is amazing coming 4 times each day. She is a certified trainer and has trained with Cesar Milan. She just returned from last Chance Ranch and worked with the trainer that is shown on the TV show. I am so lucky to have her. SHe will walk them, feed them, play with them, so I hope they will be okay. SHe is SOOO attached to us, and especially me since I am with her all of the time. I drink my coffee at our kitchen island sitting on a high stool and she comes over and steps on the bottom foot bar and stands on it for me to pick her up. She then cuddles up in my arms and falls asleep! She loves to be comfortable and loves to sleep. It is hard for her when I am doing chores around the house, because she follows my every move and I know she is thinking, "When can we go curl up on the sofa, or can we go lay in bed"!! SHe does her zooms around the house and can barely stop- she usually slides into something! SHe is so funny and Morgan gets her to chase him around. It is too funny! SHe has gained some weight- so I have to be careful. I will attach some pictures.

How is the rescue going? Have you place many dogs? I am afraid to ask- but how is Daisy? I think of you both often.

Feel free to contact me at any time, but I wanted to let you know we were thinking of you and wanted you to know Maggie has the life every dog should have- she is a treasure!!

Take care and will keep in touch.