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Guinness is doing great! He is very friendly. When we take him for is daily walks everybody wants to say hello to him. Here's two pictures of him.


Hi Everyone,
I grouped everyone together so I hope everyone gets this email. it is so strange that we had and still have black Labs. I know we all agree that Labs are great dogs. We take Guinness for walks down the beach front every night. We can only go about 100 feet at a time, because everyone want to pet him or talk to him. They are so shock to find out that we got him from a shelter. We always tell them about petfinder.com.
We got our first dog (Buddy) when Ryan was 10 years old. A dog was the only thing he had on his Christmas list. We had him for 13 and a half years (Loretta always called him "the baby"). It hurt like hell to put him down. We said it would be years before we would get another dog. We only went three days. Buddy would follow me around everywhere I went. I do a lot of wood working and he would lay right next to my table saw. At times he would be covered with inches of saw dust, and never move. I would have to vacuum him off when I was done. He never ran away, we never had to chain him up. he knew and stayed on our property.
Guinness has brought us such joy and happiness that only dog lovers can understand. He is learning things so fast (Ryan teaches him something new every day). He loves to play outside (it works out well because it makes him sleep all night). He likes his crate and goes in it even for naps. house training is going well (he might pee in the basement only once a day. He only pooed in the house twice since we have him and that was in the first three days). He has turned a sad house back into a happy house again. If I had to describe priceless in one word. I would say Guinness. I hope that Daisy and Luca is as priceless as Guinness. We have really lucked out with our puppies. I would have never guessed you could get such fine dogs like this from a shelter.
I'm sending a picture of his first bath, him in my truck and nap time on the deck.
P.S.S.Claudine please included me in your Christmas mailing for donations. Please forward this to Marie too.