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Hey, Claudine. Hope you and Matt had a good Christmas. I've been giving him updates on Brook's condition, but in case he didn't tell ya, here goes. He's an official part of the family now, and takes up most of Allie's bed most nights (see pic). We've been taking him to the vet on a regular basis, and at his last checkup he was 109 lbs! The vet said that was a good weight for him, and cut the thyroid meds in half. She also aged him a bit older, around ten yrs., so I split the difference between the two, and say he's eight or so. The only problem we have with him now is an ear infection. We've been cleaning it every day, and giving him drops. The vet said the next step is antibiotics if this doesn't work. Anyway, talk to ya soon, Happy holidays! Dave, Jenny, Allie, Justin, and of course, Brooklyn.